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(The only trouble is, all those "Elders of Zion" crooks and villains who have been hiding the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus, have been passing down the Biblical writings for thousands of years in their entirety, and somehow forgot to delete those prophecies that in the Christian view clearly verify Christianity...).

It is easy to understand that all the power of this Christian sect lies in the atmosphere of secrecy that they convey to their followers: the claim that there is a hidden truth in the Bible that many do not know, which the rabbis have been hiding for thousands of years from their followers.

If this monstrous, ancient lie about Jewish sages were not enough, the Jewish apostates to this form of Christianity even present themselves as observant Jews who eat kosher and affix a mezuzah on their front door, and sometimes even wear tefillin too, as part of their effort to disguise their apostasy from the Torah.

Messianic Jews will not tell you that they are not against assimilating with gentiles and intermarriage.

As the sages say: "One who disqualifies, shows he has the same blemish." In our opinion, just knowing the facts about this sect and its principles of belief, are enough to protect one from falling in its net.

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Fact two: Messianic Jews believe that G-d is not one, but three.

The sect is part of the Evangelical Christian movement which does not differentiate between gentiles and Jews, and is not Jewish despite its misleading name.

One who knows exactly what "Jews for Jesus" believe in, keeps their distance from this eccentric sect and will pay no attention to it.

Missionaries for Jesus do not want you to know that great and prominent rabbis have documented their historical religious disputes with Christians, and not only they never covered up the Christians’ claims, but they dealt with all of them in books published hundreds of years ago.

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Among them you will find the famous dispute of Rabbi Yosef Albo (Disputation at Tortosa), and the Ramban’s dispute, in which the Jewish sages relate to all the claims of the Christians concerning the Trinity and prophecy.) Needless to say, this strange belief of Yeshu being a god, also contradicts the prophecy that the Messiah will be a direct descendant of King David ("the Messiah, the son of David").