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19-Mar-2020 01:30

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This chat room seems to be exclusively; requests for private sessions, and there is little chat gong on in the main window.

It is also quite sex oriented and not really the sort of room for a 13 year old girl? the next on my list, it presents me with a big blue login screen and nothing else.

Step 2 - try out some chat rooms I try to use Yahoo Chat and hit a snag straight away, it has a minimum age limit of 18 on its chat rooms, and there are none for younger teenagers.

This is unexpected but very good as try as I might I can't get on to any Yahoo chat room with this account. Using a simple search of "teen chat" I discover loads of chat sites, and after some further checking I find that very few offer any child protection through warnings or checkpoints on birth dates and such, and most surprisingly to me; unlike other online topics, there don't appear to be the usual array of sites that recommend other sites, in this case safe chat rooms for kids. Maybe I didn't enter the right searches, but then it should be something easy to find I would have thought! I notice it looks cheap and seems to be for an older age range, so i dismiss this one without trying. This site states it is for ages 13-19 and has an attractive front end and looks like some money has been spent on it so i give it a try.

Immediately as the page loads I am sent a Private Message stating; "Hey babe wanna cam to cam? I've now put in my age, gender, and created an image that is the sort of thing a 13 year old girl might pick.

Now i'm hit with two new private message requests asking A/S/L, from cute CAMBOY, and taylor/aim/beep.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

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After a quick check of the kids room, nothing is happening there so i'm going to move on again, this time to

It would be tempting to just login, but i'll look down the page to see if there is any age guidance.

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