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As children, we were conditioned and "programmed" by our parents, teachers and society about how to meet someone, how to date and how to be in a relationship.Most of these programs were not healthy and were even detrimental. It also investigated an additional 100 cases which for one reason or another did not qualify for advance acquisi- tion. The advance Acquisition Section of the Right of Way Bureau during fiscal 1969 processed the acquisition of twenty residen- tial properties located in ten communities to alleviate severe hardship. Final Review Section Procedures and Records Section ^ • Highway Maint enance Section 1. Processing, reviewing, recording and reporting all financial transactions of the Department. During fiscal 1969, 1088 payments for land damage were processed (an increase of 26.1^ over 1968) . Division of V /aberways 1, Division of Waterways ^ • Bureau o f Transporta tion Planning and Development ^ • Legislation A I i - 1 - DIVISION OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES The major functional activities of the Division of Administ- rative Services (approximately 324 employees) are as follows: 1. This process is at best a cumbersome one, involving a myriad of steps both within and without the Department. federal withholding tax to the extent allocable to unit holders that are not U. Because the Trust does not have the necessary information concerning the identity and tax status of its unit holders, the Trust will distribute the gross amount of the distribution to brokers (through DTC) and anticipates that the required tax withholding will be effected by U. brokers (or other nominees), who should treat the entire distribution of per unit as U. Unit holders should consult their tax advisors with respect to the tax treatment of the distribution. As a result, the Trust anticipates that unit holders subject to withholding will receive a distribution net of the required withholding.

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