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The style must be parallel to the axis of the Earth's rotation for the sundial to be accurate throughout the year.The style's angle from horizontal is equal to the sundial's geographical latitude.A sundial is a device that tells the time of day when there is sunlight by the apparent position of the Sun in the sky.In the narrowest sense of the word, it consists of a flat plate (the dial) and a gnomon, which casts a shadow onto the dial.The gnomon casts a broad shadow; the shadow of the style shows the time.The gnomon may be a rod, wire, or elaborately decorated metal casting.

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The celestial axis is the line connecting the celestial poles.

It is common for inexpensive, mass-produced decorative sundials to have incorrectly aligned gnomons and hour-lines, which cannot be adjusted to tell correct time. Some sundials use a shadow or the edge of a shadow while others use a line or spot of light to indicate the time.

The shadow-casting object, known as a gnomon, may be a long thin rod or other object with a sharp tip or a straight edge. The gnomon may be fixed or moved according to the season.

To obtain the official clock time, three types of corrections need to be made.

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Firstly, the orbit of the Earth is not perfectly circular and its rotational axis not perfectly perpendicular to its orbit.

The height of the gnomon is 5/12 the outer radius of the dial.