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20-Mar-2020 16:07

For this look, all you need is a swipe of subdued lipstick, like 3CE’s rose-pink lipstick, and a bit of Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi-Finish Powder to smooth out your complexion, a quick makeup staple I’ve been loving to transition me from work to play.

What’s your favorite first date makeup look in a Korean drama?

And then there are the first dates you want to be a disaster.

If you’re ever set up by well-meaning friends/parents/coworkers and want to make a strong impression on your first date, then take a page out of Uee’s makeup book.

And it’s fun to watch my favorite heroines indulge in anticipation of a pleasurable outing by taking care over their makeup and skincare before the big date.

Since these worries feel so out of our control, and at the same time we want to be loved, we often cope by plunging ourselves head-first into a relationship believing that if we just focus all of our energy on making our partner happy, everything will work out fine.

We voluntarily stop doing some of the things we care about.

To up the drama, try these lashes from The Face Shop as well as this waterproof mascara from Innisfree.

Korean dramas really do tease with slow-burn romances, but was a roller-coaster ride from the get-go, from the dream pairing of superstars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki to their real-life engagement announced earlier this summer.

We cancel plans with our friends if we think that there’s a chance our partner will want to spend time with us.

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