Updating a psp

08-Jun-2020 22:33

Although Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection was developed by a different team, the producers are the same as for the Anniversary releases.

There was demand for a packaged version of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, so that's where the developers started in terms of creating the complete set for Play Station Portable.

Takashi Tokita has explained that the game has so much volume that it made sense to revamp the original graphics and create a higher quality version of the original.

New to The Complete Collection is a scenario called Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-, which bridges the original game with The After Years.

Interlude is based on the gameplay of the original Final Fantasy IV and not The After Years. Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection has a similar visual style as Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary versions of the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Other features include the option of switching between the original SNES music and the DS version's music.

The game contains an image gallery with videos and artwork.For the Japanese release, a limited edition was released with an artbook and a walkthrough.