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12-Jun-2020 04:29

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I always knew that you would be The death of me The way you hold my hands To the fire I gotta find A new way to medicate Way to medicate The secrets that you keep Keep me wide awake Your bitter kiss It's a taste I've acquired So I'mma give you more Than my heart to break My heart to break I know I'm wrong But it feels so right Make me feel Like a Saturday night Like we could go Anywhere you like Make me feel Like a Saturday night 'Cause you'll be gone before the morning comes 'Cause this ain't love, but it's still good enough I know I'm wrong But it feels so right Make me feel Like a Saturday night Wrapped in the sheets I can't seem to break away You'd think by now That I learned my lesson I'm just a man You're just a runaway Just run away Out in the streets You don't even know my name You make it clear You're no one's possession But I just don't mind No, no, I just play the game I just play the game Ooh!

Also, they can deposit fake checks and get you to send them their cut for the services through western union or money gram!!!

You can help law enforcement by reporting it to the FTC at

I fell for it and now I owe the bank what money I withdrew because of the fake check.

It didn't occur to me that the check they deposit would be fake, I'm thinking its there money they are depositing so they want it back.I barely make enough to get by and now I have to figure out how to come up with 1,500.00 to pay the bank.

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