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In the proper and strict sense laws are the moral norms of action, binding in conscience, set up for a public, self-governing community.This is probably the original meaning of the word law , whence it was gradually transformed to the other kinds of laws (natural laws laws of art). Thomas Aquinas(Summa Theologica I-II:90:4) as: A regulation in accordance with reason promulgated by the head of a community for the sake of the common welfare. a practical principle, which aims at ordering the actions of the members of the community.Further, law must be advantageous to the common welfare. That the Divine laws are advantageous to the common welfare needs no proof.The glory of the Creator is, truly, the final goal of the Divine laws but God desires to attain this glory by the happiness of mankind.The natural tendency to a determinate manner of activity on the part of creatures that have neither the power to think nor to will can be called law for a twofold reason : first, because it forms the decisive reason and the controlling guide for the activities of such creatures, and consequently as regards irrational creatures fulfills the task which devolves upon law in the strict sense as regards rational beings; and further, because it is the expression and the effect of a rational lawgiving will.Law is a principle of regulation and must, like every regulation, be traced back to a thinking and willing being.

The laws which govern light, heat, and electricity are known today.Whatever her accomplishments, you possess what she can never have again: youth.

As much as I would have loved to sit and drink a bottle of chilled Rosé, reminiscing about our days when we drove our dad’s lifted trucks (hers bright red Dodge pickup, mine Hummer H2) on lunch break from high school, waving at potential boyfriends, I had to get the toddler home. I hug my friend goodbye and we go our separate ways. … continue reading »

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