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30-Jun-2020 13:39

No rumors were formed around this controversy and thus, it died off quickly.No specific reason was given for the eloping incident and it is assumed that the pregnancy might have been the driving factor for the same. She was married to the founder of Mammoth records, Jay Faires. She was married to him for six years before getting separated.“If [she] wants to continue to live [in our home] and won’t agree to sell, she should be paying all expenses associated with her use and occupancy, i.e.the mortgages, property taxes, utilities, insurance, gardener, pool, alarm, etc.” Faires, who filed for divorce on Nov.The couple got engaged while shooting for her upcoming recipe book, "It’s All Greek to Me." This is her second marriage.As for finding out the gender of new baby, the 39-year-old beauty is still on the fence. "I’ve already had three ultrasounds and I’m due in October.The reason for quitting acting is not known to media.

Jon somehow convinced her to tie the knot and start a new family.

He starred in Southland Tales and Friendly Fire in 2006.

Debbie’s net worth is 3.5 million dollars but, Jon has not revealed his net worth.

Personal life Jon and Debbie met each other through a mutual friend and started dating in 2012. Jon’s name never came up in the media until their eloping news became popular.

In 2013, Debbie announced that she was four months pregnant and Jon eloped with Debbie to get married during a shoot of her book in Greece."Everything in life is truly beautiful." "I eloped in Greece and am four months pregnant," she adds. music executive Jay Faires for five years until their divorce in 2008.