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05-Sep-2020 18:37

'I couldn't believe it and felt devastated for Sophie as she had so been looking forward to the trip. 'She has been humiliated by that man and I don't know why.'Why would he go to such lengths to string her along for all this time.' Meanwhile Sophie's father Andrew told the Sun: 'As soon as I heard I wanted to go over there and find him.

'She is a beautiful, confident, gorgeous girl and how dare that b*****d do anything like this.'Julie said her daughter and Dutchman Jesse Mateman had bonded while on holiday in Barcelona and getting caught up in the terror attack.

Jesse Mateman had insisted he broke off all contact with bar manager Sophie Stevenson after their holiday fling in Barcelona this summer.

But the 21-year-old Dutch student has now admitted he did sleep with Ms Stevenson, and claims while he cannot remember calling her a 'pig', if he did it was 'in relation to their sex' rather than her appearance.