How to end dating violence

08-Mar-2020 09:51

As the signs have gone up, Belleville High School junior Justin Lazarowicz said he has seen varied reactions from students throughout the school.

But he sees each interaction as an opportunity to educate peers and advocate against sexual violence.“Some people don’t know what it’s about,” noted Lazarowicz.

It didn’t cover economic or psychological violence, or couples in dating relationships.” “While some violence experienced by women in dating relationships would be punishable by civil and criminal law, most of the young women whom we interviewed did not know about what constituted as dating violence, or that they had the right to be free from violence. Unless there are sufficient efforts to raise public awareness on dating violence, laws and regulations to protect women from violence will not be effective,’ adds Kim Anh.

In July 2015, Nguyen Phuong Thanh, along with other members of Y.

The curriculum includes three modules, each of which is sub-divided into distinct, easily presentable units.

The DVD also offers a self-guided mode for students to use on their own or supervised.

“The survey introduced the concept of dating violence, which was alien to many back then,” recalls Nguyen Phuong Thanh, another active member of Y. “The only data available was from the national survey on domestic violence against women in 2010, which revealed that 35 per cent of married Vietnamese women suffered sexual violence.

The Standing Strong group joins similar peer-to-peer programming that SAVE has led in Barringer High School in Newark and in Irvington High School, Austin said.“The problem has persisted due to the lack of awareness and limited understanding about this form of violence among young people, the media and local authorities.” Since presenting to the CEDAW Committee, Y.