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01-Jan-2020 06:41

Every donation, every suggestion and every bug report helps us make Dueling Nexus better!

We are planning to release a number of additional features soon; this includes a ranked dueling mode, custom duel settings, replays and more.

If you wish to join a duel then find any "MR3 (Old)" duel that hasn't started from the list and press the join button.

Server hosting is expensive and we once again have to upgrade to a larger server.

When making a donation you can now choose between two options: a onetime donation or a subscription.

You will receive contributor time regardless of which option you choose, if you choose to use the subscription based donation system then your contributor time will renew automatically every month.

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The only remedy for this issue was to exchange the device for another, but that didn't guarantee the next device's screen would be any better than the previous one.

One year ago Dueling Nexus was released, our goal was to create a game that was supported on every device, a game which we could update seamlessly with minimum downtime.