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Although he makes a good case that these soldiers deserve, if not admiration, at least compassion, his frequent, brook-no-argument assertions that most soldiers are "brave", "noble" people committing a "necessary evil" can be grating to those of a more pacifist bent.

Additionally, Grossman's admiration for his fellow soldiers is made manifest throughout the book.

In doing the former, Grossman is not being terribly original - I found the discussions of emotional and physical distance from the victim, obedience to authority and group absolution of responsibility, taught me nothing new, although someone with little knowledge of these topics might find them pretty fascinating (they are fascinating topics).

Where Grossman really shines is in his discussions of psychiatric casualties.

I said, 'When you look through that scope, I want you to see a head blowing up.'"Grossman spends an entire section detailing the plight of the Vietnam veteran, trained in these methods and killing at a rate unparalleled in human history.

One of the most important changes was in the targets used in target practice.Let me step away from the Vietnam veterans for a moment, because as sad as their story is, that's not the take-home message I got from this book.